Big news: In 2022, the Mainport Innovation Fund team and its partners joined forces with SHIFT Invest. Click here for the press release.
We now invest in Sustainable Aviation, Mobility & Logistics from our fund SHIFT Invest III. Please apply here.

About MIF

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MIF II was founded in 2015 by Schiphol, KLM, TU Delft, NS and Port of Amsterdam, together with NBI Investors, the manager of the fund. We help entrepreneurs accelerate by combining VC funding with the expertise and global network of our partners, who can also act as pilot partner or launching customer
MIF II is the successor of Mainport Innovation Fund I, which was founded in 2009 by Schiphol, KLM, TU Delft and Rabobank and has made nine investments since.
MIF merged with SHIFT

Both MIF I and MIF II (october 2021) are closed for new investments, however the MIF team is continuing doing investments from the SHIFT III invest fund. 

Just like the MIF funds, SHIFT is managed by New Balance Impact Investors (NBI Investors), a team of 15 experienced investment professionals and entrepreneurs. After two successful Mainport Innovation Funds, it was decided to combine the forces of SHIFT Invest and Mainport into the largest climate impact-oriented venture capital fund in The Netherlands.
With a total fund size of EUR 110 million, SHIFT Invest is now the largest Dutch venture capital fund to invest in entrepreneurs who are combatting climate change, biodiversity loss and natural resource depletion. SHIFT Invest welcomes among others KLM, NS and Royal Schiphol Group as new investors next to other investors likethe European Investment Fund (EIF), Rabobank, Invest-NL and TNO.


MIF II focuses on innovation in Mobility,  Logistics and Aviation. After merging with SHIFT invest, we narrowed our focus to companies with a climate impact angle within these themes. 
This includes but is not limited to the following themes: Sustainable infrastructure and materials, multi modal transport, energy transition, sustainable aviation, digitization. We invest both in the B2B and B2C space

Investment criteria

Initial ticket sizes range from EUR 250.000 to EUR 3.000.000. We are in the position to lead or participate in follow on rounds, up to total commitments of EUR 10.000.000 and over 

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