How to apply

Do you like what you’ve seen so far? Do you see a potential match between MIF II, your team and your business? If so, we invite you to send us your brief pitch deck, along the lines of the format below. Please use one slide for each subject and avoid large amounts of text on slides as it will only distract us from your story. note: please apply in English

1. Elevator pitch
What would you tell us if you would have to pitch your business to us in one phrase? 

2. Problem
What problem does your product solve and to whom is this relevant? How did you validate this with potential customers? 

3. Solution
What exactly is your product and how does it solve the problem? And why is NOW the right time to enter the market?

4. Team
Who founded and is running the company? Why are you the winning team? Tell us your story!

5. Technology
Tell us about the technology behind your product or service, how does it work and how did you test this? Is it protected through patents? 

6. Unfair advantage
Tell us about your competitors and why you are in the position to be more succesful than they might be?

7. Business model
How are you going to make money, ultimately? 

8. Marketing & sales
What is your sales approach? How are you going to acquire customers and conquer the market?

9. Status
Where do you stand today? Do you have any turnover or users yet? What are your biggest challenges for the coming months?

10. Financials
Please provide a financial forecast (turnover, margin, cashflow) for the next three years, on a quarterly basis. What are the key drivers influencing your forecast?

11. Investment
How much funding do you want to raise? Please provide a breakdown of how you are going to spend it. And paint us a picture of where this is going to bring your company five years from now

And last but not least: given our background and our partners, how can MIF II help you and your team to build a great company? 

Contact us

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