Big news: In 2022, the Mainport Innovation Fund team and its partners joined forces with SHIFT Invest. Click here for the press release.
We now invest in Sustainable Aviation, Mobility & Logistics from our fund SHIFT Invest III. Please apply here.


Mainport Innovation Fund II closed in October 2021 for new investments. However, we continue investing from our new fund SHIFT invest, alongside partners KLM, Schiphol and NS with focus on similar themes but with a climate impact angle. 

Do you see a potential match between SHIFT Sustainable Mobility, your team and your business? If so, we invite you to send us your brief pitch deck, including the topics below. Please use one slide for each subject and avoid large amounts of text on slides as it will only distract us from your story. note: please apply in English



  1. Business plan with strong (environmental SDG) impact potential 

  2. Strong link with the Netherlands

  3. Funding need between EUR 250k-3M

  4. What problem to you solve

  5. Disruptive technology or solution

  6. Strong team with ambitious growth plans

  7. Fit with one of our four investment themes (e.g. sustainable mobility & logistics, this includes sustainable aviation)

  8. And last but not least: given our background and our partners, how can SHIFT III mobility help you and your team to build a great company?



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