Meet our Fund Manager and Fund Committee

Fund Manager

Thijs Gitmans - Fund Manager MIF II

NBI Investors is responsible for the management of MIF II. Within NBI Investors, Thijs Gitmans is the dedicated MIF II Fund manager.
MIF II sets itself apart from most other VC funds by closely cooperating with its partners. Through our Fund Committee, we provide access
for our portfolio companies to the network and expertise of our partners. Each of the MIF II partners has appointed at least two members
to this committee. These members all deal with innovation and venturing on a daily basis. The Fund Committee meets every three
weeks to discuss dealflow, portfolio and market developments. For each opportunity MIF II investigates, a dedicated dealteam is formed,
consisting of the Fund Manager and one or two members of the Fund Committee. 

The NBI Investors team

Fund Committee

Rogier van Beugen

Director Innovation & Venturing
KLM Airlines

Thomas Liebrand

Manager Corporate Finance
Schiphol Group

Ed Koelemeijer

Senior Manager theGrounds
Schiphol Group

Martine Nieuwenhuizen

Investment Manager
TU Delft

Rolph Segers

Investment Fund Manager
TU Delft

Ronald Gelderblom

Investment Manager
TU Delft

Jan Egbertsen

Manager Strategy & Innovation
Port of Amsterdam

Jelle Paulusma

Manager Strategy & Innovation
Port of Amsterdam

Edwin Boer

Strategy & Innovation

Vincent Thamm

Innovation Lead
Transavia Airlines

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