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Feb 05 2014

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Rabobank, Schiphol Airport and Delft University of Technology join MI Airline in their second round financing.

Mainport Innovation Fund, founded by KLM, Schiphol Group, Delft University of Technology and Rabobank, have finalised a second round investment in the Dutch pioneer in Cabin Crew tablet technology, MI Airline.
The MI Airline solution "Connected Crew" provides a wide range of functionalities to help Cabin Crew to improve passenger recognition, improve onboard business and crew efficiency.


Innovation by focus

MI Airline is founded late 2010 and since then evolved into a worldwide operating crew tablet solution provider. MI Airline has a 100% focus on Cabin Crew processes and the belief that the crew on board makes the difference in creating the right brand and customer experience for an airline.
Job Heimerikx CEO MI Airline: "At the front-end we strive to be the "Crew Friend" and at the back-end our goal is to create insight, overview and logistical efficiencies. Being the Crew Friend, in our vision, puts the flight attendant in the center of all we do, keeping our app simple, fun and as easy to use as Facebook, performing appropriate management tasks without involvement of the user."
Erik Swelheim, CFO KLM: "The MI Airline tablet solution enables airlines to improve their on board service to passengers. The solution enhances inflight sales by digitizing the offer and the transactions. It also allows crews to interact with passengers in a more personal way, as it gives airline crews access to relevant passenger information during the flight."
Janneke Bik from Mainport Innovation Fund: "MI Airline has a solid patent and technology base and a skilled team that consists of a diverse and experienced group of professionals who are dedicated to the development, growth and success of the company. With our partners and network we can support the company in the further roll-out of its advanced tablet technology at airlines around the world."

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Please contact Job Heimerikx, CEO MI Airline:,
+31 6 24626585.

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