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Jul 13 2017

Parcompare launches global mobility brand

As Parcompare has grown significantly in recent years, it has been working to set up a global umbrella brand that covers everything in terms of mobility. This new brand, Mobian (, is launched last Thursday, July 13th.

Parcompare began a couple of years ago with comparing parking providers around airports and made it directly bookable. Based on the wishes of various affiliated organizations and in consultation with the affiliated Mainport Innovation Fund (Schiphol, Port of Amsterdam, TU Delft, KLM, NS), it was concluded that the Parcompare brand no longer covered the total charge of affiliated mobility solutions.

Therefore, the umbrella mobility label Mobian is founded and aims to make cities and airports around the world more accessible and sustainable. It is no secret that airports and cities are becoming more and more accessible and that the accessibility of these hubs is under pressure. Because Mobian can easily integrate parking spaces, taxis, public transport and any other mobility solution globally into one platform, it can offer mobility, alongside travel organizations, including events, restaurants, theaters, business gathering buildings and any other type of business. As a result, these parties offer a solution to their traveler or visitor by comparing what is the fastest, cheapest, or most sustainable way of traveling to their location.

Mobian has a completely self-working online platform. Thus, it is very easy for a mobility provider to immediately offer its solution to a network of sales companies. Also for the party who wants to add mobility in the organization, it is easy to realize this quickly. With convenient sales tools it is possible to offer mobility solutions in their own house style and on their own website within 15 minutes. In this process, Mobian, in addition to the mobility offer, facilitates the entire technical and administrative flow and provides Mobian with a multilingual online customer service. A complete one-stop shop for both mobility providers and sales parties.

Mobian's ultimate goal is to make all airports and cities in the world more accessible and sustainable. Visitors and travelers know by Mobian's solution beforehand what options are available to travel to the desired location. For example, a traveler knows before arriving in the city at which parking garage he will park. This means that there is no need to look for an available parking space, which results in lower search mileage and Co-2 emissions. In addition, it is possible for airports and city managers to control the mobility solutions, so that, for example, parking garages are optimally utilized.

With all these benefits, Mobian has a huge impact on the infrastructure of busy hubs with its mobility platform. This smart solution avoids an airport and city in advance and also provides data that will enable these locations to adapt the infrastructure for the future.

Founder Sven Snel indicates that the Parcompare brand will continue to exist, but will only serve as the online phone book of parking spaces. "The website has gained a new international appeal and makes it easy for parking operators to connect to the network." As regards Mobian, Snel indicates that Mobian has now added a very international network of taxis, public transport, hotels and car parks, which makes the coverage complete in Europe. "In the first year, Mobian will focus on collaborations with more mobility solutions and parties that want to add mobility in their organization." However, Snel does not exclude that Mobian will launch a consumer application within a short period of time.

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